Restoring Cellular Communication

Our program focuses on restoring cellular communication by supporting the main systems of the body. This process involves establishing the proper nutritional uptake and internal conditions for healing at the cellular level.

Chronic disease

Brain Health


Vibrant aging

Transdermal Electroporation

In this procedure a small electrical pulse is applied to the skin to momentarily open up the cellular membranes. This allows for the entry of up to 70 ml of natural medicine into the deeper layers of the tissue to stimulate skin rejuvenation, nerve and muscle relaxation. Treatments are fast and pain free.

Pain Management

vibrant Aging Treatments

Myofascial Injection Therapy

Trigger point injections are very effective for the treatment chronic pain. In this procedure, a very thin needle is placed into the muscle trigger point and a small amount of sterile fluid containing electrolytes is injected. The procedure promotes relaxation of the muscle and nerves.

joint and muscle pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder and Knee INJURies

Prolozone and Ozone Therapy

Prolozone is an injection technique used for pain managment. In this treatment a proliferant solution along with medical grade ozone is injected into the muscles and joints to stimulate healing and regeneration.


Joint Pain, Knee, Neck and Shoulder Injury

regenerative injections

Food Sensitivity Testing

Find the hidden food sensitivities contributing to your digestive or chronic health concerns. Our unique approach to uncovering food sensitivities involves screening for hundreds of common foods. After your visit you will get a list of your food and environmental sensitivities.

Digestive problems

Anxiety, fatigue and low mood

Skin conditions