Naturopathic Medicine Program

Dr. Jeffery’s unique biological medicine approach focuses on restoring cellular communication pathways through extensively optimizing nutrition, detoxification, digestion and the microbiome.

Our Approach:

  1. Balance The Gut Terrain And The Microbiome

  2. Calm and Regulate the Nervous System

  3. Eliminate Aggravating Substances

  4. Restore Biological Systems

  5. Targeted Nutritional Treatment

Our Program Includes:

  1. Naturopathic consults (2-4 visits)

  2. Diet and Nutrition Plan

  3. Biological Screening

  4. Food and Environmental Sensitivity Screening

  5. Up to 3 treatments per week

  6. 7 Personalized Nutritional Remedies

This program includes all naturopathic visits, treatments and remedies over 3 months.

We offer flexible financing options: Save by paying for the entire program or with each visit.

With each naturopathic visit you will get a receipt based on our fee schedule that can be submitted to your extended health plan.

Chronic disease


Vibrant aging

Chronic fatigue

Naturopathic Skin Care and Rejuvenation System

Our naturopathic doctor will build you a holistic treatment program for vibrant skin, deep hydration, wrinkle reduction, dark spots, acne, rosacea and eczema.

Our approach to skin care involves:

  1. Identifying food sensitivities

  2. Supporting nutrition, digestion and the microbiome

  3. Metabolic Detoxification

  4. Removing irritating or toxic skin care products

  5. Deeply hydrating and rejuvenating the external skin with the Elapromed transdermalporation system.


In this treatment a small electrical pulse is applied to the skin to momentarily open up the biological membranes. This allows for the entry of up to 70 ml of natural medicine into the deeper layers of the tissue to stimulate skin rejuvenation, nerve and muscle relaxation. Treatments are quick, needle free and pain free.

Vital Cell face treatment

This treatment supports skin hydration and vibrant skin aging using stem cell based vital cell compound.

Additional peptides and hyaluronic acid can be added to promote collagen formation, reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

Purchase a series of 4 treatments and save money.

Vibrant skin Aging

Hydrating Dry Skin


Acne and Rosacea


Naturopathic Pain Management

Our naturopathic doctor provides effective and drug free pain managment support. A variety of treatments are available ranging from anti-inflammatory supplements, massage and injections.

Trigger point injections are very effective for the treatment chronic pain. In this procedure, a very thin needle is placed into the muscle trigger point and a small amount of sterile fluid containing electrolytes is injected. The procedure promotes relaxation of the muscle and nerves.

Neck and shoulder Pain

Muscle Pain

Shoulder and Knee INJURies

Acupuncture and Prolozone

Prolozone is an injection technique used for pain managment. In this treatment a proliferant solution along with medical grade ozone is injected into the muscles and joints to stimulate healing and regeneration.


Joint Pain, Knee, Neck and Shoulder Injury

regenerative injections

Food Sensitivity Testing

Find the hidden food sensitivities contributing to your digestive or chronic health concerns. Our unique approach to uncovering food sensitivities involves screening for hundreds of common foods. After your visit you will get a list of your food and environmental sensitivities.

Diet and Nutritional Programs

Our naturopathic doctors can build you a nutritional program to meet your health goals and food preferences. Our plan includes shopping lists, calendar, implementation guide and coaching support.

Our plans:

  1. Keto Diet

  2. Anti-candida diet program

  3. Elimination diet program

  4. Gut healing program

Try out a sample plan by signing up below!

Digestive problems

Anxiety, fatigue and low mood

Skin conditions

Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome


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