Naturopathic Medicine

our Approach to root cause resolution

  1. Eliminate Foods Sensitivities

  2. Balance The Gut Microbiome

  3. Support Detoxification Systems

  4. Calm The Nervous Syseam

  5. Support Bioenergetic Systems

Weight loss

Prediabetes and diabetes

IBS and gut health

SIBO and Candida

Anxiety and mental health

Chronic fatigue

Food Sensitivity Testing

Find the hidden food sensitivities contributing to your digestive or chronic health concerns. Our unique approach to uncovering food sensitivities involves screening for hundreds of common foods. After your visit you will get a list of your food and environmental sensitivities.

Therapeutic Nutrition Programs

Food is Medicine! Our naturopathic doctor will construct a personalized nutrition program consisting of a meal plan, shopping list and recipes.

Low Carb and Ketogic Program is ideal for prediabetes / diabetes, weight managment or brain health.


Prediabetes and Diabetes

Anxiety, fatigue and low mood

Skin conditions

Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

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Transdermalproation Cellular Treatments - 45 to 60 minutes

Transdermalporation is a new technology arising from Europe that opens up the cellular channels allowing for the administrating of medicines deeper into the tissues. This method of delivery directly stimulates internal processes within the cell.

Treatments are extremely relaxing and pain free.

Vital Cell Calming Treatment

Calm the nervous system to allow for deeper healing at the cellular level. Areas treated are the face, neck and shoulders.

vital Cell Facial Treatment

Deeply hydrates the skin and reduces wrinkles after one treatment. An electrical pulse opens the cellular membranes of the skin allowing activating nutrients to directly enter. Stimulates collagen production and rejuvenating processes - Duration - 45 minutes

vital Cell Pain Treatment

Hydrates connective tissue and calms muscles and nerves contributing to pain. This is used in coordination with hydrotherapy and massage techniques. The transdermalporation device is used to administer natural solutions into the muscles and fascia - Duration 45 minutes

Trigger Point Injections

In this treatment a saline solution is injected into painful points in muscles using a small needle. Saline solution is used to add electrolytes and hydrate the muscle.

Click here to learn more about trigger point injection therapy

Muscle Pain and Joint Pain

Joint Pain, Knee, Neck and Shoulder Injury

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