Dr. Nathan Jeffery ND, BSc.

Naturopathic Doctor

Welcome! My journey to health started over 15 years ago now! In my early 20’s by brain was broken. I struggled to read and I was tired all the time.

Eventually, I decided that I needed to take a new approach to my health! I changed my diet and worked on my gut.

I optimized each system of my body with good nutrition and lifestyle changes. The more I did the better I felt and eventually I became addicted to wellness!

Originally from the Cowichan Valley, my partner Heidi and I went on an adventure to Chicago to complete a Naturopathic Medicine degree from National University of Health Sciences.

This was an amazing experience but soon we realized it was time to return home to Vancouver Island to raise our family. We eventually found our way to Campbell River.

I believe health is a work in progress that involves self reflection and development. These principles remain a central part of my practice today.

I believe in diet first and then targeted supplements when needed to meet certain goals.

I also like to teach small, personal clinic classes on a natural health topic at my clinic. I invite you to come sometime!

In Health,

Dr. Jeffery, ND

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Heidi Jeffery

Naturopathic Technician. Heidi has a long time interest in nutrition and natural skin care. She has been a food sensitivity technician for our clinic for the past 3 years and enjoys helping people heal through nutrition.

Her interest in natural skincare began when she started to make her own skin care products with her mother, as a child. She continued this into adulthood and creates products for her family that are free of chemicals and toxins. She now currently creates our very popular line of custom skin care formulas at our clinic.

Building on her passion for non-toxic and natural skin care, Heidi also provides rejuvenating and energetically balancing skin treatments.

Heidi also had follows a low carbohydrate and ketogenic lifestyle. She enjoys sharing her keto meal ideas on our Instagram site and regularly posts her favorite recipes in our new recipe section.

Heidi is available for Restorative Elapromed Skin Treatments and Food Sensitivity Screening.

Photo Credit Alison Dawn Photography