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Immune Support And The Lymphatic System

It was an early morning! My daughter woke up at 3 am with a runny nose and was unable to sleep. Just last night I noticed I felt a bit more tired than usual so I started taking some lymphatic drainage remedies specific for viruses, sinus drainage and overall elimination. This combination has been my go to immune support for the past year.

Previous years, I would get sick every few months in the winter. My approach at that time was to take ultra high dosages of vitamin C, various herbs and a multivitamin with zinc. I would still get sick but I would sleep and recover in about 2 days.

My key immune supporting nutrient:

  1. Vitamin C - an antioxidant that helps rebuild after the damage and stimulated our immune system

  2. Vitamin A (Except if you are pregnant) - A fat soluble antioxidant and helps support the livers immune response.

  3. Selenium - An anti-oxidant that helps strengthen the immune system

  4. Zinc - Improves our immune response. Very commonly deficient.

  5. Andrographis - a deep traditional immune balancing herb for viruses

About a year ago I was at a conference and felt the flu coming on. I had chills, fever and aches. I tried to take my usual vitamins but they made me feel nauseous. So I started taking these lymphatic drainage remedies. I really enjoy this yearly gathering so I wanted to get the most of my time in Vancouver. I took the lymphatic remedies every hour. Once I got to my hotel the evening before the conference, I went to sleep and remember feeling hot in the middle of the night. By morning I was completely recovered and felt great. Normally this would have taken me much longer to recover! I did not think to much about it until later in the winter I started feeling sick again, so I started taking the lymphatic drainage remedies and this time I woke the next morning feeling fine again.

Ever since then I have been taking these remedies at the first sign of a cold like mild fatigue and slightly sore throat, and I have not had any down time for colds! My kids have also taken it and they get better so much faster too. I have literally seen fevers peak and resolve in hours for them. I still take the usual vitamins but I no longer seem to need the ultra high dose.

The lymphatic system is a less defined system of vessels that work to remove wastes from the tissues and recirculate them to the blood stream for removal through the kidney, liver and gut. It also is the highway for the immune system. I think of the lymphatics as like the halls of a house. If they become cluttered and full of trash, then it becomes difficult to navigate and keep the house running smoothly.

With the summer coming to an end, my early morning reminds me that it is now time to get back into our immune support routine. I will continue with the lymphatic remedies as a preventative measure along with my favorite nutrients, herbs and medicinal mushrooms.