Immune Support

The cold and flu season is here! So it's time to support your body with good nutrition and some herbal remedies. We've probably heard of one of the more popular ones echinacea but there are quite a few more.

Astragalus is a Chinese herb that has immune-modulating effects. I think of this herb as being fantastic four supporting week or fragile immune systems. Those that get sick often or have a low white blood cell count can really benefit from this herb. It can be taken at a low dose to support a healthy immune response or acutely at a much higher dose during a cold or flu to help the body recover more quickly. This is one that I like to take while travelling as well.

Andrographis is another one of my favourites. I think of this one as a deep viral tonic.

Zinc is a mineral that is important for a healthy immune response. Zinc deficiency is quite common actually. Zinc is very important for the production of alkaline phosphatase which is a common blood marker. When it is low I suspect a zinc deficiency. Zinc supplementation can really help you recover more quickly from a cold.