Transdermalporation / Elamedpro treatments

This exciting technology has been developed in Europe and is widely used by clinics and medical spas for a range of applications. 

The treatment is delivered by the Elapromed device. It's basically like an electrical injection device, allowing us to administer up to 70 ml of fluid containing various botanicals and natural substances into the skin. It is pain free and treatments are fast with no downtime.  

Because the face is such a sensitive area of the body, transdermalporation rapidly gained popularity for medical esthetics and skin treatments. This technology has become very popular in Europe and there are various, well-developed, clinically tested, protocols for a selection of skin and anti-aging applications: 

  • Hydration for healthy aging skin

  • Wrinkle reduction

  • Depigmentation of age spots 

  • Scar and tissue remodeling

  • Acne and redness

  • Application of hyaluronic acid and peptides to the skin to fill fine lines and reduce wrinkles

We recently opened up these treatments up for select patients that showed an interest. I have also trained Heidi (my wife and food sensitivity screening technician) to deliver the skin treatments. Heidi has also has been making custom natural, chemical free health and beauty products for many years. By pairing the treatment with our take-home products, we are getting faster and more sustained results! Many report that their skin feels like its glowing!