Healing Is A Journey

I love summer. I crave being outside, hiking, camping and really taking it easy in the sun with my kids. My wellness practices tend to take a back stage near the end of summer and as a result I feel a little more tired. Then September rolls around and something switches in me. I begin to miss my regular routing and the thing that make me feel healthy. My health journey is on again! I am excited!

Here are a few things to consider as you move through your own journey

  1. Start imperfectly - we often wait for the perfect moment before starting. So break free and start something imperfectly. Once started its much easier to refine as you go!

  2. Learn all you can about your body and health challanges

  3. Connect with others that are on a similar journey - ideally in person. Those with similar challenges will really be able to understand what your going through and help make you feel empowered.

  4. Anything that helps to build your health is your medicine - this may be exercise, counselling, herbs, saunas, getting outdoors or even medications.

  5. Keep a mindset that failure does not exist - A journey is full of twists and turns. Sonetimes where you end up is completely unexpected and with a journey mindset you soon realize that there are no failures. At any time you can redirect your healing if something is not working to find different modalities or approaches that are really helpful.

  6. Keep telling your story - This is medicine. Talk with a health care provider, counselor or an understanding family or friend. This can be really hard but the more you talk, the easier it gets. Every time you tell your story, you will learn something new about yourself.