Bioenergetics, Achieving A New Level of Ultra Wellness

At the cellular level energy plays an influential role in all biochemical processes.

  • Our genetic material and all proteins maintain their shape and function through electrical interactions.

  • Vitamin D synthesis occurs when the light energy from sun is directed on our skin capillaries.

  • We also generate an electrical charge at the cellular level to communicate through the nervous system.

We are also learning that electrical forces and frequencies influence biological tissues. A growing body of research shows that certain electromagnetic frequencies stimulate mitochondria growth and cellular processes.

Internal and external bioenergetic process can be utilized to stimulate regeneration, self regulation and deeper healing along side biochemical nutritional and herbal protocols.

Our emotions can also change our cellular energetics. This may be in part why we can become so fatigued when we are not living true to our values and purpose. Its amazing how such a dramatic change in energy can occur when we start to follow our passions!