Follow Your Energy

We are all at a different phases in our health journey. I think its a good idea to connect with people that share similar challenges but are at different phases. That way it may be easier to see the light ant the end of the tunnel.

There were many time in my life that I would have benefited from this. Now about 18 years into my journey with natural medicine, I can think back to some pretty big challenges. Some of the biggest changes and growth occurred when I followed my energy.

I remember when I was in my 4th year of university. I was majoring in biochemistry. Early in the program, I loved it because I was able to relate it to my love of nutrition and human physiology. But in 4th year the program shifted focus to research.

Going to each class, I felt anxious and nauseous. I was exhausted by midday. At home, I would read all about herbs and nutrition.

I began to realize I had somehow deviated from my original path. I remember thinking, I’ve worked so hard, I am doing well and I could not just stop now!

So I continued and the feelings kept building. Eventually, after my last set of final exams, I could not take it!

I hopped on a midnight greyhound bus from Prince George back home to Vancouver Island. I had no idea what I was doing. My energy was leading me so I followed!

I went back to my old job washing dishes! It was a scary and hard time. At first, I felt like I failed. But, I began connecting with new people that made me feel good and energized!

This brought me to meeting Heidi and we now have two amazing kids! I never expected this to happen.

After taking some time to just breathe and live, I began thinking about going back to university. It was at that time I realized I had already completed my degree in integrative sciences!

Later Heidi and I went back to Prince George to study for a year. This time, I decided to follow my interest in nutrition, herbs, psychology and human physiology. When I realigned with my core values and intentions, life seemed to flow more naturally. This brought me to naturopathic medicine.

Life takes us on some pretty amazing twists and turns. I realist now there is no such thing as failure only redirection. No matter which path we take we can always find meaning and redirect our goals by following our energy!