Calming the Nervous System Is Fundamental To Healing

_Calming the Nervous System if fundamental to healing_.png

The nervous system regulates our entire body. When in a calm state it tends to focus on detoxification and cellular recovery.

The problem is that we live in a face paced society with a lot of stress! This can overwhelm the nervous system and make the “fight or flight” side predominate. This side of the nervous system tends to focus on immediate survival.

Not only that, we are being exposed to more and more environmental exposures than ever before. We also have to deal with the added electromagnetic radiation exposures we get form electronic devices, and blue light from screens. This really stresses out the nervous system and sleep patterns.

Humans are also electrical beings. Our cells are like tiny batteries that generate energy for all the processes in our body. Our nervous system also communicates to distant regions of our body with electrical signals. We are only beginning to uncover how electricity influences human health, but I suspect as we learn more we will be surprised.

Now more than ever before, we need activities and treatments to calm our nervous system and ground our bioenergetic systems.