Taking Action

For years I experienced fatigue, anxiety and low moods following high carbohydrate foods. This impacted my daily activities. Just a year ago I could not make it through the day without a nap. I was exhausted when I came from work and my family life suffered. It was apparent now that I was having problems processing sugar. On a low carb and ketogenic diet, my energy exploded, including my moods. After this I began talking in the community on low carb and keto and I have since seen it work to return blood markers and reduce weight for many of my patients.

It is not just about me though. While in naturopathic school I lost 3 members of my family to metabolic dysfunction: heart attack and eventually heart failure due to complications of diabetes, stroke and neurodegeneration. I can not help but think that if I only had the information I do today, I could have done something to prevent or minimize their suffering. This is the purpose and drive behind my program. I think to myself, what is the value of having more time with the people I love. It makes the cost of a program really non significant and ridiculous because I would literally pay anything for them to be here today to have met my kids or just to be in their presence!

Also, if you are now experiencing metabolic dysfunction like prediabetes, diabetes and obesity. Please consider what is the value of your health? Your heart, your kidney, your vision? We know the early signs and have blood tests to diagnose prediabetes and nutritional programs to treat it. But we are not conditioned to take action on this despite the immense toll on our society until it is full blown diabetes. If this were any other illness, that would unacceptable. Imaging if we did this for cancer! Yet we have a condition we know how to treat with diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

All to often I see the vast majority of people wait to take action on their health. Why is this? As a doctor it can drive you crazy! It is human nature to wait until we are forced to change. This is often an event like a stroke or heart attack. Or we wait until their circumstances change, untill we are experiencing chronic nerve pain or vision loss.

Many of you have probably experienced similar losses in your family or friends. Another very powerful motivator to take action is EDUCATION and LEADING. So if you have a family member that is not taking action, educate and encourage them! If they are not willing to change then show them through your own actions what health looks like! When they see you thriving this will inspire them to seek the same actions for themselves!