Our Skin Matters

We often have this assumption that taking care of your skin is a luxury!

I understand this! There is no limitation of advertisements for botox and Hollywood relativity shows on cosmetic surgeries. Most of these treatments can be over the top and in a way leads to the stigma that caring for your skin is truly esthetic and only luxury.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and has many functions other than being your external covering

The other functions of the skin include:

  1. Our skin regulates water balance - we sweat through the skin and our skin keeps water inside our body

  2. Our skin is a neurological organ - our skin contains all the sensory organs that are needed for measuring the outside environment. It relays this information like temperature to the internal organs like the gut and heart! I have always found this fascinating!

  3. Our skin is involved with pain sensation - our skin and underlying fascia are highly innervated - complex pain patters can be due to dysfunction in this system.

  4. The skin reflects underlying internal health and nutritional balance. There is a lot we can learn from just observing our skin, hair, and nails.

    1. Yellowing of the skin or whites of the eye can mean liver dysfunction

    2. Spooning of the nails means iron deficiency

    3. Flaking nails could mean that the stomach acid it to low and we are not absorbing our minerals like Zinc.

    4. Rashes could be due to food intolerances, leaky gut and even autoimmune disease.

  5. Our skin makes vitamin D from the sun

  6. Our skin holds our immune system - so when out of balance as in a autoimmune disease we often see rashes

Our skin is important for more than we give it credit for. And taking care of it is just as important as any other organ! It actually closely aligns with the health of your internal organs

What about wrinkles?

They will develop with normal aging - these are your laugh lines and they are beautiful!

We can get so focused on trying to erase wrinkles with aggressive treatments like botox, we can forget that the simplest and quick way to reduce them is to deeply hydrate and stimulate collagen production in the skin.

Elapromed is a technology that opens the skin using electricity to make the skin more porous allowing for deep hydration. The combination of painless electricity, botanicals, collagen peptides actually stimulates the skin cells to turn on regenerative processes and collage production after treatment. The results er get are also fast.

Now a well-rounded skin health treatment plan also involves home care and supporting nutritional deficiencies internally.

Some nutritional support for the skin may be:

- Make sure your stomach is acidifying your foods
- Get your minerals like zink from foods
- Boost antioxidants like berries
- B vitamins could meed nutritional gaps
- Collage from bone broths
- Boost vitamin C for collagen production