What is aging?

In terms of our health and cells, we know that everyone ages differently. We see many people at the age of 80 that look and act like their 60. It's apparent that defining age chronologically has its flaws and in fact, leads to many misconceptions about aging! 

Biological age is reflects the interplay of your lifestyle, environment and genes. Now some may think they are aging faster because of their genes but that is not entirely true.

Our environment and lifestyle play a major role. Only when there is excessive stress, nutritional, and antioxidant deficiencies, our genes will only then be turned on and lead to accelerated biological age and chronic diseases.

Some key nutrients to support healthy aging are:

  1. Hydrate well with pure water

  2. Keep that gut healthy to support the brain and reduce inflammation

  3. Supercharge antioxidants with berries, vitamin C, NAC, grape seed extract

  4. Surround you self with a positive, supportive community

  5. Support the AMPK pathway! This system is in charge of energy managment, weight, and blood sugar.

  6. Relax outside - Remember stress = inflammation! Distressing is the cheapest anti-inflammatory

  7. Monitor your Cardiomatabolic health and inflammation as you age - For the cost of a good night out you can get an assessment on your risks!

Now you can’t live forever, and yes there are changes that occur but we can slow the biological aging process and even improve the health of your cells and tissues! 

So what does a healthy aging look like? Simply put, you should be able to live a long life into old age free of chronic disease, with excellent energy and stamina.

Break free of the common aging misconceptions and age well!