5 things you can do to reduce pain now!

joint pain.jpg

For the past 3 years, I have been providing a pain management treatment called myofascial trigger point injections (also known as biopuncture) and getting excellent results. I have been amazed at how effective natural injections can be!

In one case I had a client ask for the injections around the muscles of the knee joint. She had previously twisted her keg while moving boxes up a set of stairs. She was in extreme pain decided to come in for some injections after going to a walk in clinic. I immediately could tell that the pain was coming from the muscles because there were regions in her calf and thigh that were hard as a rock and painful to touch. After a single session of injections the muscles relaxed and she stood up, completely free of pain and no longer needed the crutches!

Chronic pain is becoming a big issue. Many people become dependent on drugs and natural alternatives are rarely utilized first. Many people have no idea that there are natural options for pain that should be used as a first-line therapy. One of my goals is to provide new and more natural pain management applications for Campbell River and the surrounding communities.

So what you can do to reduce pain now?

  1. Hydrate! If you have osteoarthritis in your joints you need all the cushion can get from proper hydration.

  2. Take magnesium for a few reasons: It will help relax your muscles and improve sleep! This brings be to my next tip.

  3. Get a good night's sleep. This is the most potent anti inflammatory and its free!

  4. Use a tennis ball to work out the tight muscles. You can also use self massage.

  5. Try a natural anti-inflammatory like turmeric, boswellia, quercetin and bromelain in place of NSAIDs. These do not damage the gut like NSAIDs and for many people I have found them to be very effective. A damaged gut will lead to more inflammation and pain.

  6. Book in with a naturopathic doctor! Most have many tools for natural pain managment such as trigger point injections or non-invasive treatment devices.