Functional Laboratory Medicine

Standard blood tests can be viewed from both a functional or pathological perspective.

Primary care doctors (including NDs) first view blood tests from a pathological perspective. This is an important tool for the screening of major illnesses or pathology. These test are often referred to as the CBC, CMP, Lipid and Thyroid panel.

A functional blood assessment should not be confused from the standard pathological assessment. Functional blood analysis allows one to evaluate for underlying imbalances interfering with optimal functioning. Iron deficiencies, B vitamin and folic acid deficiencies, inflammation and much more can be uncovered by connecting symptoms with non-pathogenic / functional patterns on standard blood labs.

This can also help focus treatment and assist to narrow down the many contributing factors involved in established chronic disease. Functional medicine analysis provides clues into nutritional deficiencies, metabolic function, inflammation and sub clinical conditions (such as thyroid and adrenal gland imballance. Therefore its also great for wellness care and can be used to optimize health. 

Since these tests are commonly ordered by primary care doctors, chances are you have a recent one available. They can be printed from your LifeLab portal and brought in on your next visit for functional evaluation by Dr. Jeffery.

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