Taking Action

For years I experienced fatigue, anxiety and low moods following high carbohydrate foods. This impacted my daily activities. Just a year ago I could not make it through the day without a nap. I was exhausted when I came from work and my family life suffered. It was apparent now that I was having problems processing sugar. On a low carb and ketogenic diet, my energy exploded, including my moods. After this I began talking in the community on low carb and keto and I have since seen it work to return blood markers and reduce weight for many of my patients.

It is not just about me though. While in naturopathic school I lost 3 members of my family to metabolic dysfunction: heart attack and eventually heart failure due to complications of diabetes, stroke and neurodegeneration. I can not help but think that if I only had the information I do today, I could have done something to prevent or minimize their suffering. This is the purpose and drive behind my program. I think to myself, what is the value of having more time with the people I love. It makes the cost of a program really non significant and ridiculous because I would literally pay anything for them to be here today to have met my kids or just to be in their presence!

Also, if you are now experiencing metabolic dysfunction like prediabetes, diabetes and obesity. Please consider what is the value of your health? Your heart, your kidney, your vision? We know the early signs and have blood tests to diagnose prediabetes and nutritional programs to treat it. But we are not conditioned to take action on this despite the immense toll on our society until it is full blown diabetes. If this were any other illness, that would unacceptable. Imaging if we did this for cancer! Yet we have a condition we know how to treat with diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

All to often I see the vast majority of people wait to take action on their health. Why is this? As a doctor it can drive you crazy! It is human nature to wait until we are forced to change. This is often an event like a stroke or heart attack. Or we wait until their circumstances change, untill we are experiencing chronic nerve pain or vision loss.

Many of you have probably experienced similar losses in your family or friends. Another very powerful motivator to take action is EDUCATION and LEADING. So if you have a family member that is not taking action, educate and encourage them! If they are not willing to change then show them through your own actions what health looks like! When they see you thriving this will inspire them to seek the same actions for themselves!

Our Keto Program

We are in trouble! Our reliance on sugar in the diet is contributing to the obesity and metabolic dysfunction (pre-obesity, diabetes, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, PCOS...) we are seeing today.

Following the traditional rules of nutrition, fats have been vilified but the latest research is showing that certain fats are essential! Fats are an essential fuel source that are NOT converted to sugar. They are NOT stored as fat like we are made to think.

The real problem is refined sugar! It is our excessive sugar intake that is directly stored as fat and a reason for our diabetes and obesity epidemic!

But the ill effects are not limited to the overweight. We are seeing many examples of those that are “skinny” developing metabolic dysfunction. We call this problem “skinny fat”.

Many health care providers will not tell you that years before pre-diabetes even develops high levels of insulin can be elevated and are associated with many of the chronic diseases we are seeing today!

Low carb and keto is the future of eating. We are currently in the middle of a huge epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and pre-diabetes that is only getting worse.

According to Diabetes Canada:

  • The prevalence of diabetes in 2015 was estimated to be 3.4 million / 9.3% of the population 

  • The prevalence of pre-diabetes in 2015 was estimated to be 5.7 million / 22.1% of the population 

To put this into perspective the population of BC is about 4.8 million! As you can see these are big numbers. Ideally, we want to intervene with a nutritional intervention at the earliest point, during the pre-diabetes stage. If we can do this, we literally can change the course and delay or prevent type 2 diabetes. 

Unfortunately, many follow the extreme, one size, fits all keto model that is high in animal protein, saturated fat and low in vegetables. The internet is full of conflicting and misleading information that unfortunately make this diet look bad. This is unfortunate since so many can be transformed with a low carb or ketogenic diet. 

Many people can also react to this diet in unusual ways! We have heard stories of rashes, hair loss, and fatigue. These are not normal and if they do occur it means you are out of balance. Luckily with some simple steps, these can be easily treated. 

The secret to unlocking the potential of this diet is finding the right levels of ketones, combinations of fats, electrolytes, protein and carbohydrates that make you feel great and meet your goals! There are many variations of the ketogenic diet that can be paired to you!

Good nutrition will play a big role in curbing this epidemic! But only if we have doctors and coaches that are trained in nutrition to lead the way.

We have decided to lead the way by creating our own keto program that provides unparalleled guidance.

Our NEW program provides flexibility so you can progress in a way that works best for you! Start with a keto talk in a small group setting or meet with Dr. Jeffery for more individualized care. You can go all out or stick with the low cost in office talks!

Monitor your success or screen for unhealthy reactions with the Keto Markers blood panel. This is much more than your standard panel. 

After 3 months get continued support with a low-cost membership. This will keep you on track, motivated and making your goals! If you are feeling off or have dipped out of keto we are here to help you get back on track. Because your success is our success. 

Our first Keto talk starts this Wednesday at 7 pm at the clinic. Click here to sign up.

To learn more about our program check out our infographic or reply to this email with any questions

Keto Program.png

Why I Follow a Ketogenic Diet - My Personal Experience

To answer this, I must tell you a little about my health journey. I have struggled with anxiety, reading difficulties, memory problems and chronic fatigue my entire life. As I aged this continued to worsen and in my early 20’s I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. This likely resulted from genetics, my own unique neuro-diversity and the chronic stress of having reading difficulties and learning differences in school. As a result, I eventually burned out, and began to isolate myself.

One day, I had enough and decided to take control of my health and began my own journey to recovery. I started following a whole food diet, removed sugar and gluten, uncovered food sensitivities, and supported my gut. I also reached out for professional support and was surprised how many resources were available. In a fairly short period of time, my mind began to feel sharper. My long-term struggle with reading significantly improved!

The more I worked on wellness the better I felt. Eventually, the feeling of anxiety faded and I was able to go back to school to become a naturopathic doctor.

That said, although not as severe, I still can experience aggravations of anxiety and chronic fatigue. The main difference now is that I have established wellness practices, a good team involving family members and a counselor that can support me when this happens. Practicing acceptance and opening up about the anxiety has also really helped. That said, I am always searching for extra tools from natural medicine to help. This is where the ketogenic diet comes in.

About a year ago, I went on a ketogenic diet. After 3 days my energy was higher than it had ever been. But something unexpected happened, my anxiety disappeared! Nothing has ever done this before in this way so it was very exciting for me. My sleep improved and I stopped relying on so many supplements to keep up! It was like a light had been turned on in my brain!

So will this diet work for everyone? We all look different on the outside and the same is true for our internal body chemistry. I know that there is no single diet for everyone, but the ketogenic diet may be an excellent therapeutic option for a variety of health problems. When I implemented the ketogenic diet I had build a very strong foundation so I transitioned very smoothly. I would highly recommend seeing professional support and working on foundation nutrition first for those with an anxiety.

I have found that almost everyone makes one big mistake when they follow a ketogenic diet. They try to follow the more extreme, one size fits all model for the diet that is so popular on the internet. For some this works well but for many others if may be disastrous.

My view of a ketogenic diet will be very different from yours. What most people don’t realize is that there really are no RULES for the ketogenic diet other than reducing sugar. The SECRET to unlocking the potential of this diet is finding the right levels of ketones, combinations of fats, protein and carbohydrates that make you feel great and meet your goals!

For myself, I had to remove dairy because I noticed it was causing a chronic cough and fatigue! For others, it may mean, increasing protein or following a vegan ketogenic diet. Or some may need to fast or cycle carbs in and out of the diet. Some people also get reactions like hair loss, rashes, and fatigue when following the one size fits all ketogenic diet approach. This can be scary when you have no one to guide you and it can really turn you away from the diet. This is unfortunate since most of our current chronic health conditions involve underlying metabolic problems like obesity, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. This diet can really help with this problem when guided by a health care provider that has extensive training in nutrition and a clinical focus on the ketogenic diet.

As a naturopathic doctor, I can help guide you on the ketogenic diet to support your weight, energy or brain health. But you should know my approach is different. In my practice, I draw from my own experiences. I have grown my health over the past 15 years and accomplished goals I would have never thought would be possible. I know the struggles and setbacks you will face along the way as I have been there. Because of this, I can see your potential when you can’t. I know that the outcome is worth the battle and that you will achieve success despite any obstacle you face!

Nathan Jeffery ND, BSc.