Optimize Mental Wellness

It is well established that disease processes like inflammation, chronic stress, nutritional deficiencies and hormone balance can interfere with mental health. Emerging research is also showing a link between the health of our digestive system and brain. The most complete mental wellness program involves treating the mind and body. Our approach involves correcting functional imbalances influencing mental wellness

Strengthen The Gut and Microbiome

Digestion is the portal of entry for all dietary nutrients and is home to our microbiome. We now know that many chronic conditions such as autoimmune conditions, IBS, anxiety and low mood are influenced by the health of our gut. Supporting gut health is a core component of our approach.

Uncover Food Sensitivities

A food sensitivity is a slower and less severe reaction to foods. Symptoms can be vague and range from classic gas and bloating to behavior and mood changes. Food sensitivities may be due to many reasons. Your immune system may be producing something called IgG towards the food or you may lack the enzymes to digest it. Removing hidden food sensitivity can help to reduce inflammation and heal the gut.